Spooky Scary Settlement

Date Completed: October 2018

University Year 2 Term 1

This assignment was centered around creating a game in Basic code using a tutorial book 'Write Your Own Adventure: Programs for Your Microcomputer' (Jenny Tyler and Les Howarth 1983) and then porting that text adventure game to C++ using modern OOP techniques.

In keeping with Halloween, Spooky Scary Settlement is set in a mysterious mansion that the player is quickly sealed inside at the start of the game. Using verb commands in the console, the player must search the rooms and take useful items, uncover secrets, and combat threats in their quest for freedom.

C++ Reimaginations

This game features string arrays that store the different rooms, items, locations of items, and the verbs that can be used. A multidimensional array is also used to store a rooms adjacent rooms and their subsequent array value, where a value of -1 represents a direction that the player cannot travel in. This innovation creates the 'world' for the player to traverse, and these values can be edited at run time to allow access to previously blocked of areas after certain events have transpired in the game. An example of this could be when the player picks up a key, a room has its exit array changed to allow passage through a locked door.