Date Completed: March 2016

Worthing College ICT Coursework

This was the first real game that I had made. The task set by my College was to make a game with the theme of "Above" or "Below".

I created a dungeon game where the player must navigate through a maze, collect a key, and escape via the trapdoor. There are many enemies within the dungeon that have pathfinding AI to navigate themselves round the maze and home in on the players location. With no way of fighting back, the player must memorise his route carefully and use the map to their advantage in trying to outwit and outmanouver the enemies.

The dungeon has a randomly generating map, with a tile set to create the walls. The map can be instantly regenerated at any time by pressing spacebar, as more of a debug feature than an actual game mechanic but the concept remains. The tile set creates the walls and floor to match whatever dungeon is created.

I was awarded a Distinction * for this project, and it's evaluation + testing.