Date Completed: Februray 2018

University Year 1 Term 2

The player arrives on a damp and dark Scottish island via boat, and is moored up on a jetty. There is a terrible storm raging, with huge clouds circling fast around the island. The player finds the villages inhabitants are being driven mad by some mystical force, and a few villagers who have not yet succumbed tell the player they must proceed to the tower on the hill in order to stop whatever is going on.

The player must use newly acquired equipment, such as the grappling hook, and a gravity gun, to explore the island for the source of the corruption and attempt to stop it, and failing that escape as fast as possible.


The game was made in Unreal Engine, and wass my first experience of using Blueprints to program. The brief set by the assignment is to create a game using the works of HP Lovecraft as a theme, met by the weird fiction of the corrupted island. 

The assignment had 4 set requirements for points in the game that the player would reach. They were given as non descriptive chapter titles, and left down to us how we would interpret that in our development.

1. Arrival 


They player arrives by boat to find the island trapped in a swirling storm.


2. The Building


The player arrives at the bottom of the tower, and must use the grapple to proceed to the top of the tower where they meet cultists that speak of the end of the world.


3. The Caves Below

Upon gaining entry to the caves at the bottom of the tower, the player finds two puzzles that offer portal fragments as a reward for completing each one. Upon completing both, 'The Sleeper' awakens, tinting the world in a red hue and setting the town ablaze

4. The Other Place

The portal back to the surface reveals that gravity is no longer as it was, floating platforms hover above the ravaged and burning town that the player must navigate to return to the boat and flee.

The work was graded on the 7th February, and was awarded 73/100, acheiving a 1st class grade.