Logo Work

As well as my programming and game design work, I have also completed a few small graphic design projects for friends in aide of their businesses.


Matthew Bourne, of Matthew Bourne Osteopathy & Natural Health, and Betts Curtis of Betts Curtis Osteopathy, approached me at the creation of their independant Ostepoathy businesses to ask for a logo to be made for them. I worked with their requests and produced a wide range of options for them, then refined their ideas and listened to feedback in order to produce exatly what they were after. 


Client: Matthew Bourne for Matthew Bourne Osteopathy & Natural Health

As some of these designs were going to be used on business merchandise, The designs needed to look sleek, elegant, and also seemlessly match the colour of whatever item it was printed on. I received great feedback from both projects, and continue to offer support and tweaks should a new need arise.


Client: Betts Curtis for Betts Curtis Osteopathy