Don't Walk By

Date Completed: March 2020

University Year 3 Term 3

'Don't Walk By' is a strategy puzzle game inspired by 'Lemmings'. In the levels, the player must tactically use abilities to navigate students past the obstacles and hazard, helping them neutralise the threat whilst saving as many people as possible.

This game was designed by the entire 3rd year Cohort, along with some lecturers and post-grads doing their Masters degrees. Split into several sub teams with sub team leaders, this project was our first introduction to large scale Git processing.

dont walk by.gif

As a part of the abilities team, my primary job was to create a drag particle system for the UI layer that would provide a bit of polish to the final game screen. The particle system starts off as white, and uses scripts to detect which of the abilities has been selected and alter the particle effect properties accordingly. As these effects were made very early on in development, we weren’t sure if the abilities we had decided on were final or if any others were going to be added, so designing the particle effect to be easily scalable in this way was a good foresight to have.

The purpose of this particle system was to add clarity to what it was the user was holding and where on the screen it was. It was created in such a way so that the particle system itself was very small and therefore inexpensive on program resources, but was projected on the GUI layer so appeared much larger in game.

An example of the 'Phone' ability being used, to call a firefighter to remove the fire.