Backlash! Card Game Port

Date Completed March 2019

University Year 2 Term 3

Backlash is a 2-4 player social media empire building card game.

The premise of the game is simple: Gather as many followers as you can from the other players by making social media posts to as closely match the demand that is drawn at the start of every round. Each player must stake a certain amount of their own followers with each post they make, and the player that matches the demand closest will win the follower pool, and draw a Backlash! card. This Backlash! card will determine how their post was met by the community, giving either an added positive effect, or an unexpected negative effect.

We have networked this game using Enet. Enet is a networking library which allows users to make a reliable UDP connection. This is really useful as it allows for rapid data sending, whilst also creating a reliable connection where both the client and server will always get the correct data; within this game this is highly important, as the game's communication is based off integer transfer, and the client then has to determine what the received integer means. Any differences between the number sent and the number received would have game breaking implications.