Noisy Dungeons

Date Completed: December 2019

University Year 3 Term 1

Noisy Dungeons is a dungeon crawler adventure game where the adventurer must use the sounds they can hear in order to help them progress through the labyrinth and escape with the treasure. The top down view and small light radius around the player mean that visability is extremely restricted, and the obstacles within the dungeon, such as traps, and creatures, all make distinct sounds which can help the player identify danger and allow them to formulate a strategy to succeed.

The creatures in the dungeon also rely on hearing however, and triggering traps or stepping on noisy surfaces such as water or glass will attract them to the players location. With no way of defending themselves other than stealth and wit, the player must be vigilant in order to survive.

The project was completed with a group of Games Technology students collaborating with a group of students from Audio Production. We were using FMOD in Unity to configure the omnidirectional sound which was something we were unfamiliar with, and we were discouraged from aquiring audio assets online or making our own when we could communicate with and use the other department.

My role in this project was the design and construction of the 3D environment, animations, trapped areas, and the logic for a 'piano' puzzle. Using a free dungeon asset pack on the Unity store, I wanted to develop an eerie world that gave the player a sense that many had tried to explore the dungeon before but in vain. There are several hidden areas, and animated treasure chests that spit out gold coins to collect. The audio puzzle I implemented comes with no instruction, it trusts the player to determine the solution based on the context of the game. A central pressure plate plays a tune of 4 random notes out of a possible 6, which is the 'combination'. The player must then step on other pressure plates, that each play a single note, until the correct pattern is entered

Noisy Room Showcase.png