Ark Survival: Devolved

Date Completed: December 2019

University Year 3 Term 1

As part of the Commercial Games Development module in the third year, we were tasked with recreating a modern game in a style that would have suited the early 80's consoles such as the Atari 2600. In a small group, we decided to recreate Ark Survival: Evolved, and boil it down to its core concepts for our remake.


Ark Survival: Devolved is an action-adventure survival game where players are thrust onto an island inhabited by prehistoric dinosaurs. The player must fight for survival and secure new food and water sources before their resources deplete. The longer you survive, and the more dinosaurs you kill, the more score you get!

My primary role in the development of Ark was to create the audio. Given the brief that the game was to be in the style of an Atari game, I began by doing some research on the limitations that the system would have had on audio development, and then used an online tool “Beepbox” to create my own audio files in the style of an Atari game. The POKEY sound chip used in the Atari was only capable of producing 4 distinct square wave tones with various distortions to alter them further. There was therefore no range of instruments and this was at the forefront of my mind when creating the sound effects